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U.S. news Why we need a fund

St. Charles man must pay victim in child porn case –

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This case is a good example of the long-lasting effects of child pornography on the victims.

Freeman [the victim] is in her 20s now, and she speaks publicly about the effect of child pornography on victims, including the helplessness she feels knowing the videos are still being distributed and watched. She has sought restitution in federal and state courts, and her situation was cited in a Supreme Court case about the liability of child-porn viewers to pay restitution.

“Hundreds of people nationwide have been prosecuted for disseminating the images and videos of this victim,” Gaeke said after the sentencing.

A 2010 Montana newspaper article quoted Freeman’s attorney as saying the videos had been identified in at least 8,000 cases.

Gaeke [the victim’s lawyer] said purchase cenforce Freeman has bills for psychological and psychiatric counseling of at least $10,000 a year.

Read the full article here: St. Charles man must pay victim in child porn case –

U.S. news Why we need a fund

50,000: Number of Americans viewing and trading child porn right now

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Last year, more suspects were arrested for child exploitation crimes — 7,386 — than at any time in the past five years, according to Justice Department records gathered from 61 Internet Crimes Against Children task forces across the nation.

That number, however, is dwarfed by an estimated 50,000 people in the U.S. who are believed to be “consistently trading illegal images” involving children at any time, says Brad Russ, who oversees federally funded training programs for hundreds of investigators assigned to the national task forces. The enormous number of participants, Russ says, is based on the downloads of known prohibited videos and photographs that can be tracked to individual computers.

via Websites fuel ‘alarming’ increase in child porn (USA Today).

The U.N. has estimated that worldwide, at any given time, there are 750,000 people accessing child pornography on the Internet.  So, sadly, it is not surprising that the U.S. government estimates that number to be 50,000 in the U.S. alone.

This is one of the cruxes of digital child pornography today.   It has become so pervasive that it is an epidemic. Help to spread the awareness that children in our country are suffering current harm and life-long effects from this heinous crime.

U.S. news

New York: Attorney General announces eight men charged with child porn in statewide sweep

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Attorney General Kane announces eight men charged with child porn in statewide sweep.

This story is disturbing but not surprising.  Did you know that the UN estimates that purchase Lyrica from canada 200 new child pornography images may be entering online circulation every day?

The eight suspects were typically charged after online investigations discovered the IP addresses of computer at these suspect’s residences were being used to make videos of child pornography available for download by other users through peer-to-peer downloading programs. 

Why we need a fund

Verdict awaited in Maine child pornography case (and why we need a fund)

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This case from Maine shows the reason why a National Compensation Fund is needed for child pornography victims.  Due to the difficulty in proving Internet-related child pornography cases, the overwhelming number of people who download and distribute child pornography will never be found or convicted.  It is time for us to work together to help the victims.

Excerpt from the article above.

The defense says while the evidence shows there was child pornography on Wilson’s computer there is no proof that he downloaded it, or was even home at the time.