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50,000: Number of Americans viewing and trading child porn right now

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can you buy Lyrica in mexico Last year, more suspects were arrested for child exploitation crimes — 7,386 — than at any time in the past five years, according to Justice Department records gathered from 61 Internet Crimes Against Children task forces across the nation.

That number, however, is dwarfed by an estimated 50,000 people in the U.S. who are believed to be “consistently trading illegal images” involving children at any time, says Brad Russ, who oversees federally funded training programs for hundreds of investigators assigned to the national task forces. The enormous number of participants, Russ says, is based on the downloads of known prohibited videos and photographs that can be tracked to individual computers.

via Websites fuel ‘alarming’ increase in child porn (USA Today).

The U.N. has estimated that worldwide, at any given time, there are 750,000 people accessing child pornography on the Internet.  So, sadly, it is not surprising that the U.S. government estimates that number to be 50,000 in the U.S. alone.

This is one of the cruxes of digital child pornography today.   It has become so pervasive that it is an epidemic.   is it illegal to buy modafinil online australia Help to spread the awareness that children in our country are suffering current harm and life-long effects from this heinous crime.